Norman Designs, inc.  by Kim

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  Norman Designs was established in 1982 in Sarasota, Florida.  The name Norman comes from the original owner Norman Gorn.  He establised this creative and unique business providing high quality workmanship for all the flooring stores in the area along with the general public.  Norman found Caroline Zimmer a nationally recognized custom design inlaid vinyl artist and they worked side by side to create these unique custom designed and sculpted art in area rugs and broadloom carpeting.

  With Norman's passing Caroline took the company to greater recognition and went national shipping her creations all over the country.  Working with designers, Homebuilders, furniture stores, flooring stores and the public.  Word spread fast about this unique business.  In 1998 Caroline was ready to retire and travel the country.

  Kim Morse after working in the flooring business for years heard of her retirement and being bored with standard flooring was intrigued in this business opportunity.
  Kim used Norman Designs to manufacture the custom rugs she would design for her clients and loved to use her artistic ability each time she worked on custom rugs.

  After many conversations with Caroline, Kim quit her flooring career and worked for three months on the manufacturing worktable free of charge to be sure this is the business she wanted to take on.  Kim purchased the company in 1998 and moved the workroom and warehousing and also set up a 2,000 sq foot showroom at 2274 Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.  Kim has loved the creativity side of the business and using her 22 years experience in carpeting has expanded the company into a broader range of materials being used to create these unique masterpieces.  

  Norman Designs Inc. by Kim has also expanded into custom wool tufted area rugs, custom silks, custom tapestries and custom canvas floor cloths.

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